MOM Wife lets husband cheat with blonde Russian sensual fuck and squirting HD


Every year, Steve looks forward to birthday sex with his wife, but this time, she has a special surprise for him! After blindfolding her horny husband, she leaves the room and fetches his present: sexy Russian Nesty, dressed in tiny black-and-lace-lingerie wrapping paper! At first Steve isn't sure and calls for his wife, but as the leggy blonde crawls toward him on the bed, his cock grows hard. Steve takes his time unwrapping his lovely gift, licking Nesty's perfect little nipples and her tight pussy before slipping his dick inside for a slow, sensual fuck. Then after making Nesty squirt all over the bed, he fucks her again, her moans echoing through the house, before he blows a massive load of cum all over her amazing ass and announces, "best present ever!"

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Length: 00:14:34
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Posted: 2 weeks ago
Pornstar: Nesty
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