Jack is always slacking somehow. Most recently he's chatting with his colleague on FB and he's doing that late to the evening while he should be still working, since he's paid for it. But what he doesn't know is that his boss, she know all about this. This evening he's again chatting on FB and his boss, Lexi, she's really getting mad at him now. It's time to teach him a lesson. And what is he chatting about? He wants to massage feet of one of his colleagues from HR? No way - his sexy boss has a different idea in her head. She calls him over to her office and asks him to come clean about what he's doing. He's trying to deny everything but Lexi has a report from IT department and she can see the actual messages Jack has sent and received. Now he has no other way than to come clean. Or he can loose his job, that's another alternative. He folds in and asks about his punishment. "Well, since you wanted to massage feet of your HR colleague, you will something similar.". Lexi put's her feet in high heels on the table and says "Take my shoe off and kiss my foot. It's a bit sweaty though. Do it!". This will be Jacks punishment and Lexi's load of fun. This way he'll think twice next time before slacking at work.

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