DarkRoomVR – Broken Love Story HD


Sia Siberia is very excited. After months of flirting, the handsome man down the street has finally invited her over. She has had a huge crush on him since he moved in and the pretty co-ed has built her feelings up to the point where she can’t think of anything but being in his arms finally. She shows up in a short skirt, doing her best to look sexy like the girls in the VR Porn she knows her stepbrother watches. When she arrives, she is nervous but excited to finally be alone with him. To her surprise, there is another man in his home. This isn’t what she planned, but she really likes this stranger. They like her innocent look and cute outfit but have more serious play in mind. Hold on to your VR headset as Sia opens her mouth for a ball gag and feels the collar tight around her neck as they turn her into a pretty little sex pet. Since her mouth is full, they let her play with their cocks in her hands while squeezing her breasts. The feeling of having two men at once has her pussy on fire as they finally release her mouth and remove her panties to feed her a cock at both ends. Both men have big cocks and she loses track of who is in which hole as she gets fucked into a complete state of ecstasy. She has never felt so much pleasure and as her crush shoots his load all over her pretty face, Sia forgets about the other man who explodes inside of her pussy. She got more than she expected, but Sia can’t wait to come back for even more next time.

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