DarkRoomVR – Special Delivery HD


St Martha is looking forward to a big date with her boyfriend tonight. They have plans for their anniversary that she hopes will include plenty of hot VR sex. As she lounges around in the morning, she lets her fingers slide into her pyjama and play with her wet, horny pussy. What she doesn’t know is that her boyfriend has arranged flowers to be delivered to Martha’s house. She is surprised when the doorbell rings and the delivery guy shows up with a nice bouquet. As Martha turns around to put them down, he gets a good look at her ass as she has forgotten to completely fix her pyjama bottoms. Unable to resist the temptation, he grabs her ass and Martha is stunned. What she hasn’t told her boyfriend yet is that she is very submissive and enjoys intense VR fantasies about strong strangers taking her and using her as a sex toy. When the delivery guy takes out his cock she is overcome by these feelings and wants to suck it. In this VR porn scene, she wants to worship his meat and give herself to him completely. As much as she loves her boyfriend, he never fucks her face the way this stranger does and her pussy never gets this wet. His big dick slides easily into her hot hole and she gasps at how deep he goes. His hand on her throat drives her insane as her body quivers and cums uncontrollably on his big prick. It feels so good that she knows she won’t stop him when he is ready to explode, so Martha is relieved when he pulls out of her pussy and shoots his big load all over her face. She has forgotten all about her boyfriend as he promises to come back and fuck her ass next time.

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