JerkToMyFeet – Causins Visit HD

Jerk To My Feet

Your cousin Sofie Reyez has stopped by for a visit. You haven’t seen her in a while, but damn she is developing well! After a long day of walking around the shopping mall, she asks you for a foot massage. You are happy to comply. She catches you taking an intentional sniff. OMG! She never knew you liked that sort of thing. She laughs and calls your foot fetish weird, but Sofie hasn’t seen anything yet. You take a chance and lick her feet. They have a strong vinegary smell from sweating inside those shoes all day. She doesn’t say stop, so you take that as a green light. Your dick is so hard for your hot cousin’s feet. Sofie is astounded at your strange obsession, but tells you to go ahead and finish. She can’t believe how hard your cock is so she knows you need release. With that amazing view and the wonderful taste on your tongue, it only takes a few strokes to empty your balls. Sofie is in shock and feels quite awkward, so she cuts her visit short. No problem for you…you already got what you needed.

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