LadyboysFuckedBareback Lanta: Slutty Bubbles Toys Breeding and Pee HD

Ladyboys Fucked Bareback

Ladyboy Lanta is holding a toy ice cream cone and wearing a jean skirt, white tanktop, silver heels. She opens up the toy to reveal that its a bubble maker. Lanta begins pressing her lips together and blowing bubbles all around the room. Next, she sits on the bed and blows up a few balloons and playfully bounces them up in the air. She bounces her big butt on one balloon a few times until it pops. Then, she begins licking and twirling a big round lollipop. Next, Lanta gets changed into a sheer pink and blue dress showing off her sexy body underneath. She blows more bubbles sitting back on the bed with her cock out. She turns and presents herself to the POV with her ass up and he lifts up her dress. He oils her up, slides his bare cock into her ass-pussy, and fucks her doggystyle. Next, he shoves a glass toy into her ass a few times and then replaces it with his hard shaft again. He then fucks her some more on her back until he breeds her asshole. Then he works his cum inside her with a big black buttplug. Next, Lanta sucks the POV as he lies on the bed until he gets horny again and fucks her on her back more until she shoots her load. Afterwards, Lanta goes back to blowing up and playing with more balloons and then pisses in the bathroom.

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