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Virtual Taboo

Anastаsia was happy to have the housе to herself. Her parents were gоne for the weekend and her stepbrоther was away at college. She had invited her boyfriend to come over fun after work, but had the afternoon to just enjoy the privacy. She decided to give herself a homemade facial and took a nap with cucumber slices over her eyes. While she is napping, Anastasia dreams of her boyfriend's big cock and her hands find their way into her shorts. She is getting very wet playing with herself and doesn't hear brother come home. He watches her for a few minutes and then takes his cock out, holding it over her pretty face. When he can no longer resist, he reaches down and caresses her breasts under her tank top. Thinking that her boyfriend had arrived early, Anastasia, starts touching his cock without uncovering her eyes. Wanting more, she opens her eyes and is shocked when she sees brother standing over her. His cock is hard and it is much bigger than her boyfriend's. He asks her to keep going and promises not to tell anyone. She knows it is wrong to cheat on her boyfriend and especially with brother, but Anastasia is not about to let his big hard cock go to waste. Sis has no idea that her thought about her this way and certainly no clue that his cock was so big. Anastasia spread her legs wide to make sure he could stuff every inch into her wet little pussy. When she could feel him close to cumming, Anastasia told brother to cum in her mouth. Her boyfriend was still coming over and she didn't want him to know she had found a new lover.

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