VirtualTaboo – This Is So Wrong But Don’t Stop HD

Virtual Taboo

Zuzu Sweet has a brand new pair of roller skates and wants to try them out. Not wanting to go skating alone she asks her stepbrother to go with her. They used to skate all the time and had so much fun. You turn her down and this hurts her. She suspects that you just want to be alone in the house so you can jerk off to your VR Porn. Really not wanting to skate alone she puts on her skimpiest outfit comes close to you, letting you get a good long look at her tight, firm ass. Now she knows you have your full attention and starts to bargain with you. All you have to do is agree to go skating with her later and she will do anything your VR Pornstars do, anything at all. You know you should refuse, but she sits in your lap and can feel that your cock is already saying yes. Still not crazy about the idea of going skating, you do appreciate how hot she looks in her outfit. Deciding to take advantage of the situation, you start to pull your cock out to stroke it. Zuzu stops you. Wouldn’t you rather put it in her mouth? This is better than you ever could have hoped and after sucking it, Zuzu guides your firm meat into her wet, willing hole. It is a perfect fit and after a few strokes, she is loving it every bit as much as you are. She rides you hard and hops off just in time to get a taste of your creamy load. You will still have to go skating, but she promises to let you fuck her ass when you get back.